Caleb James Grochalski

Actor. Dancer. Singer. Choreographer. Creator.




Growing up on a farm in a suburb of Pittsburgh, I would feed the cows and chickens while dancing and singing to "It's a Hard-Knock Life." This became a usual occurrence until my third grade teacher told my mom she should do something about it. In my youth I did almost every community theatre production imaginable until I left public school to attend Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School in Midland, Pa.


My time at Lincoln Park was necessary to fostering my love for the art of dance, theatre, and music. After graduation from high school, I decided to attend Syracuse University to pursue a BFA in Musical Theatre. 


In January of 2019, I made the move to New York City and joined Actors Equity Association in February upon the recommendation from my teachers at The Tepper Semester. After the Syracuse University NYC Showcase, I am grateful to be represented by the BLOC NYC Talent Agency. 

As time have gone on and the industry has shifted, I intend to devote my knowledge and passions to supporting fantastic artistic work onstage, by fostering healthy meaningful business practices backstage and in the developmental offices of theatres all over the country.




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Up Next:

Presented by J2 Spotlight Company @ Theatre Row


Director: Rob Schneider

Choreographer: Diedre Goodwin

Feb 26 - Mar 6

Swing / Dance Captain